HIS solutions fulfil essential requirements for broad deployment at scale, functionally technically and commercially. His solutions

·       are modular, horizontal telemonitoring solutions

·       address the varied needs of senior citizens and chronic disease patients

·       integrate telehealth and telecare functionalities

·       help bridge gaps between organizations in the citizen’s virtual care network

·       support both self-care and assisted-care in one system to provide continuity

·       are not based on proprietary hardware

·       offer the flexibility and cost advantages of a software solution

·       are massively scalable to thousands of users

·       are sustainable at a cost similar to that of traditional Personal Alarm System 

HIS solutions are designed for easy, low cost deployment and maintenance. The use of wireless vital- and environmental sensor technology as well as mobile data transmission means that HIS solutions do not require infrastructural modifications, wiring or wireline telecommunications. Solution configuration, updates and maintenance are preformed remotely. Placement, configuration and user introduction to the solutions can be performed by non-technical staff. This also means that adding or moving sensors and gateways can be performed by carers regular supporting the citizen.

HIS supports its institutional clients with a two day “train-the-trainer” programme that allows “Key Users” to execute and train others on all operational processes required for the solution, its configuration and support.