Functions supported include, but are not limited to:

·       Vital monitoring

·       Behavior monitoring

·       Environmental monitoring,

·       Domotics, 

·       Reminders

·       Video consultation.

The full integration of telehealth and telecare functionality and the modular structure of the HIS solutions allow adaptation to the specific requirements of each citizen, support of different pathologies and continuity of care.

In addition to the core functionalities that enable telehealth and telecare services, Health Insight Solutions has leveraged its technology competence to ensure that the operational aspects of a large remote care operation can be supported. Clients can reflect their organizational structures, relevant roles and workflows in the systems. The HIS solution is designed to help bridge organizational boundaries supporting information flow and coordination throughout the citizens virtual care network. It also facilitates administration of all solution users as well as administration, configuration, maintenance and up-dates of all remote devices and software.