As soon as the HIS Santigo Application is installed and the vital monitors are paired to the HIS Gateway the citizen can easily take vital measurements. The measured values will automatically be transmitted via Bluetooth to the HIS Gateway.

They will be sent to the HIS Portal via WIFI, LAN or GPRS/UMTS depending on the used HIS Gateway and network availability. In case no network is available, all measurements will be stored and sent out as soon as a network connection is made.

The measurement value is displayed on the HIS Gateway and will also be read out by voice output. 

The HIS Solution is able to receive measurements from any HIS vital monitor, via Bluetooth wireless communication. Currently the range of sensors includes the following modalities:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • PEF (Asthma Monitor)
  • Body Weight
  • Body Temperature
  • ECG (1-12 lead)
  • Oxy Saturation
  • Glucose
  • INR values (entered manually)


After a successful measurement the screen will automatically jump into the vital history view, which displays the last thirty measurements, done by this vital monitor. The vital measurement history graph will be shown for 15 seconds before it disappears.


The Reminder is a service feature, which reminds the user to take his/her medication, take a measurement or attend a medical appointment. The reminder tool can store up to three different times and medications. In case of non-confirmation, the system can send an alarm e.g. to the monitoring center, care giver etc. All settings of the Reminder can easily be configured in the HIS Portal.


The Activity Confirmation requests a confirmation to the question that they feel well and everything is fine. The usage is similar to the medication reminder.  At a pre-defined time, the mobile will emit a sound signal, read out  “Do you feel fine today?” and display a screen requesting a confirmation by pressing the YES!  button within 90 seconds. The settings of the Activity Check can be configured by the HIS Portal. 


An emergency call can be triggered by pressing the virtual red button that is shown by default on the smartphone’s screen. While the call is being placed, the HIS emergency call application sends an automatic message to the Emergency Centre providing the coordinates of the last physical location recorded by the GPS of the phone.  When the emergency call is established, the HIS emergency call application automatically switches to a hands-free connection which allows the user to speak and listen in case she is not able to hold the smartphone.


The Santigo Application installed on a tablet supports video-chat for communication between care givers and citizens.  A video chat session can be initiated by the care giver from a dedicated video tab in the patient view of the Portal. If accepted by a patient using a tablet, the video chat session is opened displaying the images from the built in camera(s) and transmitting audio between the tablet and the Portal.

The citizen can change between front and rear cameras of the tablet during the video session (i.e. to show a room, device, wound etc). The citizen can also take a vital measurement during the session.

The care giver is able to navigate and work within the Portal while a video-chat session is open.


Health Questionnaires can be a useful tool to deliver soft facts about the health condition of a patient beside his vital measurements. They can play an important role in the prevention of health related risks. 

The Santigo application allows institutions to create individualized questionnaires in the Portal and to enable the patient to answer to them e.g. via the Santigo tablet (e.g. according to a predefined schedule daily, weekly etc. or when en event occurs).The questions can be easily answered by touching the screen or answering them on the HIS Patient Forum and the replies will be sent via the HIS Portal.

The questionnaire tool enables the institution to control the soft indicators of a chronic disease like asthma or diabetes. It is an intelligent and valuable extension of the vital measurements.  In case the answers are not within predefined ranges the HIS Portal will automatically send an alarm which enables the caregiver to act promptly.