HIS refers to the hardware and software system used by a citizen or patient to access the HIS solution as “Gateways”.  In recognition of the fact that users have varying needs and preferences regarding hardware that they use, HIS does not use proprietary gateways but leverages technology available on the market. HIS Gateway Applications are installed on commercially available hardware that meet certain technical specifications. This gives users a maximum degree of freedom in choosing the devices they find most useful and are comfortable with.




HIS distinguishes between  the SANTIGO HomeBox for environmental monitoring of the patient’s residence and the HIS Santigo, a mobile gateway in support of health monitoring:


The HIS HomeBox has consciously been designed as a closed system, based on an embedded PC (e.g. Asus EEE PC). It requires no active manipulation or handling by the user. It can be integrated without any great effort into the living environment of the user. As soon the HomeBox is connected to the Internet via LAN, W-LAN etc. it automatically connects to the HIS PORTAL on first start up.

Within the HIS solution architecture, the HomeBox as a fixed unit in the home of the user supports the following functions:

  • Receiving all transmitted measurements from the environmental monitors & smart home components and transmission to the HIS Portal
  • Control of the bidirectional smart home components

The HIS HomeBox highly flexible when it comes to data transmission. Depending on the available infrastructure and need, the data can be sent to the HIS PORTAL via LAN, W-LAN etc.

A configuration software which can be installed on a tablet or smartphone supports easy installation, connection and configuration of the environmental monitors.


With the HIS Santigo, Health Insight Solutions provides an innovative and modern telehealth solution based on Android technology which can be run on ANDROID based tablets or mobile phones.

It was developed especially for citizens with chronic diseases, seniors and patients in rehabilitation.

In combination with the HIS Portal the Santigo Applications provide the following care functions modules which can be combined regarding the requirements of the care process:

  • Vital Measurements
  • Measurement History
  • Medication Reminder / Reminder
  • Activity Check
  • Questionnaires
  • Emergency Calls

Specialty versions of the HIS Santigo include a rehabilitation solution that can be provided for short-term monitoring and is easily moved from one patient to another, and a care solution that can be used by professionals to monitor multiple patients in an ambulatory or institutional use case.

HIS provides its clients with a downloadable application, which can easily be installed on tablets or smartphones which fulfill the technical minimum requirements (e.g. ANDROID 4.2 or higher and Bluetooth 3.0 and higher). All tablets/mobile will be set-up automatically in the HIS Portal and can then easily be linked to a patient.

The user-friendly administration of the solution, the easy to handle management of patients and devices and the scalability as far as roll out is concerned, allows a successful integration into the health infrastructure.