Vital monitors are measuring devices which register vital parameters such as blood pressure, pulse etc.  The HIS Telemonitoring Solution can integrate a variety of wireless sensors from different manufacturers. All of our monitors have the following charachteristics:



                Connect and transmit data via Bluetooth to the gateway

                Are state-of-the-art

                Can be combined according to the medical or risk profile of the user


Below you find an overview of our current offering of medical monitors.    


The modern Cignus TD Blood Pressure Metre is a medically certified (Class IIa) easy to use vital monitor. It measures using the comfort inflation technology. The patient only has to press one button and the device starts the measurement. If the arm is moved too much so that the measurement values could be influenced, the Blood Pressure Metre stops the measurement automatically and starts again. A large LCD display makes it very easy for citizens to read the values. The measurement (Systolic BP, Diastolic BP & Pulse) values are transmitted automatically via Bluetooth to the HIS Gateway.    


The medically certified scale is offered as an easy way to support weight control. After the measurement is taken, it automatically transmits the values to the HIS Gateway.


The ear thermometer allows measuring the body temperature by simply pressing a button. The measurement is automatically transmitted to the HIS Gateway.

ECG - 1-12 LEAD (Card Guard)

The user friendly 1-12 ECG by Card Guard is used for monitoring symptoms that may suggestabnormal heart rhythms: missed beats, pounding heart (palpitation), racing heart, irregular pulse, faintness, light-headedness or a history of arrhythmia. It is available as a 1 lead or a 1-12 lead version. For the 12-lead ECG four electrodes have to be placed and the recording will be done in three different positions. The HIS Santigo Application will lead by voice output through the measurement process.

To analyse the ECG a local viewer software is necessary which can be downloaded from the HIS Portal.


The pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation in the blood, and the pulse. Measuring of oxygen saturation levels can be useful in case of asthma, heart failure, circulatory problems, and sleep apnea. NONIN, the world leader in fingertip oximetry, has squeezed years of clinical experience into the Onyx II. The electronics and sensor are incorporated into the world's smallest fingertip oximeter, providing a cost-effective solution for spot-checks and short-term monitoring. The measurements are automatically transmitted to the HIS Gateway.

PEAK FLOW METRE (Vital-o-graph)

The Vitalograph asma-1 is a simple to use electronic peak flow meter that measures PEF and FEV. It offers greater accuracy than a mechanical peak flow and eliminates the need for paper record cards. It is equipped with a large and easy to read display.

 GLUCOMETER (Cignus Profiline)

The Cignus Profiline is an easy to use, innovative glucometer. It is intended for use outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use), by citizens with diabetes at home and by health care profes­sionals in clinical settings as an aid to monitoring the effectiveness of diabetes control. The user has actively to pull a trigger to transmit the measurements via Bluetooth to the HIS Mobile. This allows him also to take and store measurements if the HIS Gateway is not nearby.

  • One-code system (no coding required)
  • Plasma equivalent calibration
  • Strip ejection function
  • Large LCD display with backlight
  • Short reaction time – only 5 seconds
  • Oxygen independent
  • Sample material: capillary, venous or arterial blood
  • Automatic sample volume control – error message, if not enough sample volume applied
  • No interference with peritoneal dialysis solutions
  • Data base for up to 1.000 measurements