Smart Home Technology especially supports senior citizens, in their own home, in their every day activities, and brings them more security.

Health Insight Solutions offers various intelligent systems, which for example can manage the heating control, can open or close windows, or can lock and unlock door by a simple press on a button.

We have a partnership with a well-known German supplier, whose products were adapted to our requirements. The HIS Smart Home Sensor are wireless, easy to install in the home environment, and can be combined in useful ways. 

This form of ‘Intelligent living’ can be managed directly from the HIS HOMEBOX. On special request, the management of the devices can also function via the HIS PORTAL, for example by care organisations.




  • Winmatic

With the integration of the WinMatic is it possible to start ventilation by pushing a button: the automatic radio window actuator considers many health aspects. Time- and event-controlled ventilation improves well-being as well as the room climate and prevents structural damage.

  • Keymatic

KeyMatic locks and unlocks the house door electronically by pressing a button on the remote key control. It is also possible to control the Keymatic via the HIS Portal and to open the door remotely e.g. in case of an emergency. 

  • Climate control

The climate control kit helps to save energy and keep the room temperature constant. Several monitors cooperate in an intelligent way. The convenient control regulates the room temperature and can be used to control several radiators at once. The system can detect the opening of windows and in such an event it will reduce the temperature automatically. There are special programs to reduce the temperature at night in accordance with individual requirements. The programmable radio wall thermostat measures, remote from the heater, uninfluenced by structural conditions or hot spots (which lead to poor controller behavior) the room temperature and wirelessly controls the heat input via the actuator. The electronic radio actuator communicates with the radio thermostat and controls the heating power of the heater.