The innovative web-based HIS Portal is the powerful tool that supports the medical practitioners, care providers, administrators and technical staff. It receives the measurement data from the different HIS Gateways. The patients’ data is stored for further consultation by authorised users and can be equally used for analysis.

Notification threshold, tendency alarms and communication channels can be adjusted individually for each citizen or each group of citizens. This feature allows preventative medical provisions at the very moment that the monitored individual’s state of health requires it. Individualized measurement schedules can Also be set.

Automatic pdf reports can be sent to a predefined E-Mail or FAX on a daily, weekly or monthly basis,(e.g. to the doctor) to give a summarized overview of the measurement data.

The HIS Portal can also be used to enter notes that are visible by the other carers or to attach documents e.g. x-rays.

Multiple definable user and access authorizations safeguard sensitive data. It is possible to interface the HIS Portal to other systems such as Electronic Health Records.

The HIS Portal provides in general the following features: