Various so called ‘environmental monitors’ can be integrated into the HIS Telemonitoring system. All monitors are wireless and can be installed in any home without great effort. The data is transferred automatically from the gateway to the HIS PORTAL.


Generally speaking there are 3 types of environmental monitors:


  • Alarm sensors

Will send a message only when certain parameters are met, for example smoke development or water leak


  • Environmental data sensors

Transmit measurement data from the home at pre-defined intervals such as room temperature and humidity


  • Activity sensors

Transmit the movements of persons within their homes, which indicate activity and can be interpreted. This enables preventative action in case the patterns change drastically, in case a certain number of movements within a day is not reached, or in case there are no movements at all.




Below is an overview of some of the environmental monitors that can be linked to the HIS system:


  • Movement detectors

Movement detection can help to measure activity in the living environment. The movement detectors collect the number of movements and send this information at predefined intervals to the Portal where it can be visualized. If the values are under a defined threshold, the system automatically sends a warning message. Standard movement patterns can be identified and compared with the current situation. The wireless movement detectors can be easily installed in different rooms within the home.

  • Smoke detectors

The smoke detector registers smoke emissions (smoldering fire and open fires with smoke emissions) and sets off an alarm when the smoke concentration reaches a certain level. The smoke detector generates an alarm, which is sent to the Portal via the integrated signal transmitter and switches a red warning light and an acoustic alarm on. This ensures that a fire is detected even when it is still far away (on another floor for example) and can be promptly put out.   

  • Room temperature / humidity

The temperature/humidity monitor transmits to the HIS HomeBox, at regular intervals, the temperature and the humidity of the room in which it is located. This monitor helps to avoid overheated rooms e.g. in the summer.    

  • Water leak detectors

The water detector registers any moisture on the floor. Because the sensors are in direct contact with the floor, the device is already prompted with as little as 2mm of water. It can be easily placed in any room exposed to the risk of flood e.g. kitchen or bath because it is wireless.