Health Insight Solutions (HIS) is dedicated exclusively to the development and deployment of telehealth and telecare solutions.

HIS’ objective is to support the growing number of senior citizens and chronic disease patients to enjoy lives that are

  • ·       safe,
  • ·       healthy,
  • ·       and self-determined.

Together with our clients, we seek to address increasing resource gaps in health- and social care and to reduce the cost of care per citizen.

HIS solutions enable remote care services that

  • ·       get patients out of hospitals earlier,
  • ·       keep seniors out of institutional care for as long as possible,
  • ·       and support citizens with health and social care in the environment of their own homes and communities.

HIS has been delivering telemonitoring solutions to public and institutional health- and social care providers since 2007.  From its headquarters in Munich, Germany HIS leverages partnerships with health- and social care advisory companies, M2M and sensor technology experts as well as local delivery and support organizations to provide scalable solutions. HIS solutions have been deployed in 11 European countries and HIS supplies partners of 5 “flagship” projects co-funded by the European Union.